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Recent upgrades
September 2010
  • A weighted random system was installed into the student picker, to favor students with fewer previous responses.
  • The ability to exclude absent students was added to the student picker.
August 2010: Major Upgrade
  • Students can now be assigned to more than one class.
  • A safeguard was installed to prevent students from being loaded twice.
  • Numerous changes were implemented to facilitate tabbed browsing.
  • A more user-friendly menu was installed for grading pages.
  • Better checks for student copying from the Internet and from each other were installed.
  • Numerous functions were added: an item analysis page, random student-picker and lab group picker pages, and a page to track citizenship.
  • Miscellaneous minor enhancements and bug fixes.
February 2010
  • A bug fix was installed to address occasional error messages received when students entered data or teachers graded assignments.
  • A counter was installed to record the number of times students answer each question in practice mode.
  • The response timestamp now updates every time a student changes his or her answer in practice mode.
January 2010
  • In practice mode, responses can now be entered in any order.
  • A bug fix was installed to ensure correct computations when computer-generated values are negative.
  • The grading system was enhanced to allow the range of acceptable answers to be defined for each calculation based on percents or minimum and maximum numbers, and to specify whether to check the sign of the student answer.
Our software undergoes continuous improvement. If you are experiencing difficulty, please let us know.
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